Supplier Guiding Principles

At Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., along with our subsidiaries and affiliates (“RCL” or the “Company”), we work diligently to build and maintain business relationships with Suppliers who share our commitment to conduct business in compliance with the law and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We manage our global operations with honesty, fairness, integrity, and trustworthiness and we expect and encourage our Suppliers to do the same.

These Supplier Guiding Principles describe the minimum standards RCL expects of Suppliers doing business with the Company. They provide general guidelines for business conduct and are designed to complement similar standards and policies adopted by our Suppliers.

We encourage our Suppliers to not only use these Supplier Guiding Principles to guide their actions but to find ways to continuously improve upon them throughout their organization. The long-term success of RCL is greatly influenced by our joint ability to conduct business with one another in the most ethical manner.

The guidelines outlined in the Supplier Guiding Principles do not supersede or replace any rights or obligations established in any written agreements, policies or guidelines we may have with our Suppliers. For purposes of this document “Supplier” means any individual, company, or other entity that sells goods or services to RCL.

Employment and Human Rights

RCL is committed to observing fair labor practice and treating employees with dignity and respect while providing a safe working environment. We rely on our Suppliers to make the same commitments in their business operations and expect them to:

• Provide a safe and healthy workplace.
• Prohibit all forms of forced labor and child labor.
• Ensure compliance with applicable wage and hour laws.
• Promote a diverseworkplace free from harassment, discrimination and abuse.
• Respect legal rights on freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Ethical Business Conduct

Our Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics describes the values and ethical standards RCL expects of its employees. While no set of guidelines can cover every situation that may arise, it is our responsibility to exercise proper conduct and good judgment at all times. We count on our Suppliers to embrace these same principles and expect them to:

• Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
• Not engage in bribery, corruption and other fraudulent practices.
• Support fair and open competition.
• Make impartial and objective business decisions in connection with their engagement with RCL. This includes disclosing any personal or financial relationship with an RCL employee involved in the Supplier’s business arrangement with RCL.
• Protect RCL’s confidential information including its intellectual property, trade secrets and other proprietary information in their possession.
• Maintain accurate books and records in accordance with applicable laws and accounting practices.

Protection of our Environment

RCL is committed to protecting the environment and acting in a responsible manner to reduce impact on our natural resources.

We expect our Suppliers to:

• Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
• Use energy and natural resources efficiently.
• Support activities that reuse and recycle materials.
• Continually look for ways to minimize their environmental impact and improve their environmental performance.

Safety Philosophy

RCL is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its guests and employees. As a primary business objective, the Company ensures that effective safety and security standards are practiced at all times.

We expect our Suppliers to:

• Comply with all applicable safety standards and regulations.
• Implement safety and security practices and programs that reduce the number of incidents.

Reporting Concerns or Violations

Suppliers are urged to contact RCL with any questions or concerns about the right course of action or applicable laws, rules, regulations, and these principles. Suppliers must promptly report known or suspected illegal and unethical activities involving RCL business.

To seek guidance or report concerns Suppliers may reach out to any of the following RCL contacts:

• Supply Chain Management – Supplier relationship manager or supervisor.
• Global Compliance and Ethics Group at
• Compliance and Ethics AWARE Hotline:

RCL created the Compliance and Ethics AWARE (“Address Wrongdoing As Responsible Employees”) Hotline to provide a resource for confidential and anonymous reporting of concerns or violations. The hotline is operated by a third-party provider and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Suppliers may choose to contact the AWARE Hotline through the following methods:

Phone: 888-81-AWARE

Download the Supplier Guiding Principles